Frequently Asked Questions


There are two sessions of the admissions Summer and Winter. Generally Summer sessions begins in June/July and Winter Sessions begins in January/ February. As well as admissions declared as per UGC-DEB and AICTE Guidelines.

Any Graduate can offer P. G. Programmes. Further Eligibility details are given in the Brochures of the each Online Programmes.

If the learner is interested in the Programme and want to know details regarding fees of the Programme and any other details then please click on ‘Contact Us’, tab and then fill the details in ‘We are here to hear you’ by enquiring here about the fee or any other details learner want to ask us.

Qualifying online learners enrolled in online degree programmes are eligible for educational loans.


Online learning platforms are user friendly as well as tutorials are available for support of the learning. However, in order to access and use these programmes, learners required primary computer skills. These skills comprise typing and using a mouse, utilizing word processing software, the Internet, email sending and receiving, executing computer applications, and using forums and other group communication tools. If not, a counsellor for admissions can assist.

A computer, a high-speed Internet connection, a newer version of a web browser, and access to common tools and software such as word processors, email, etc. Other software or technology requirements may apply to some courses.

Learners can communicate with their Online Programme Co-ordinator, Course Co-ordinators /Counselors /Mentors with different ways such as course home pages, as well as they will explain the best way to contact him or her. Also, learner can contact them via discussion groups, bulletin boards, assignment submissions, email, or phone, webinars, discussion forums.

Asynchronous/Pre-recorded or synchronous (live) lectures, videos, Self-Learning Material (e-SLM) interactive discussion forums, and other methods used to depend as per requirements of the programme.


Learner can give Online Proctored Semester-End examinations. There is not requirement to approach physically for the examinations at examination centers.

Yes, on your degree certificate ‘Online Mode ‘will be clearly mentioned.

Yes, as per new guidelines of UGC, anyone can apply for two different degrees of same/ different modes simultaneously; provided that, schedule should not be overlapped during Academics Years.